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Pet-nat BIO

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Here is how it all started.
We’ve always been fascinated by the world of natural wines, the one that aims to be the true expression of the producer.
All we knew is that we wanted to follow this idea, but nothing extreme, understandable to anyone.
We knew that we loved craft beers.
We knew that we truly believed in organic viticulture.
We knew that we wanted to do something different.
We started from the native autoctonous grapes from the area between Conegliano Valdobbiadene and Asolo, in Veneto, where we had a bunch of organic vineyards, and we tried for a couple of years taking inspiration from the tradition but facing the modern world.
And just like that, starting from our love for craft beers, we created our craft wines.
Full of love, integral in everything, and with a lot of fun.
We are happy to share with you our Pet-nat.


The area where our organic vineyards are located, is famous worldwide for the production of Prosecco. Not many people know though, that this area has always been really designated to viticulture, and a lot of different grapes are cultivated here, not just Glera. The main varieties that you can find here, and that are used in our wines, are Glera, Raboso, Garganega, Tai, Merlot and White muscat.
The territory is characterized by small hills and a unique climate given by the fresh winds coming from the Dolomites and the mild climate of the sea of Venice.
Our target is to valorise these autoctonous grapes typical from the territory, making something fun that we love.

The respect of the territory, the sustainability, the desire to leave a better world after ourselves, has always been a part of who we are and of our mindset, and that’s why all our wines are certified by the highest standard of organic production.

Pet-nat. BIO.

Our pet-nats have a unique mix.

They are produced only from typical organic grapes, the content of alcohol is low (only 10,5%), there is no residual sugar, and of course they are bubbly and entertaining.

All this makes our pet-nat wines great and to be drunk easy as a beer.

integrale rose bottle

All printing materials of Integrale wines are produced on eco friendly recycled paper.

integrale white bottle

All printing materials of Integrale wines are produced on eco friendly recycled paper.


Prosecco BIO

pin integrale pink strecciato
We believe a lot in our territory. It gave so much to our people, it gave so much to us. This territory is recognized worldwide for the production of Prosecco. No matter our focus on unfiltered wines, we always felt that we must give a tribute to our territory, trying to make our best expression of this product with a touch of our style.
The grapes are harvested by hand when the ripeness is not yet complete, having a higher acidity makes it perfect for sparkling wines. The freshness and the aromas of the grapes are kept by the soft pressing of the berries. The fermentation of the must coming from the soft pressing is happening in pressurized stain steel tanks, which gives fine bubbles to the wine. The small amount of residual sugar makes it a perfect match for several occasions and aperitif.
Integrale prosecco

All printing materials of Integrale wines are produced on eco friendly recycled paper.