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The Int3gral3 Organic Wines Line

Now that the production process behind sparkling wines is more clear, you can better appreciate and understand our Integrale Organic wines line.
The Integrale line is composed of three different wines, each one is suitable for any taste, perfect to be enjoyed with friends and to pair with finger food during an aperitif. Let’s find out more.

First of all, the Organic Prosecco. As you already know, Prosecco comes from the Glera grape variety (also known as Prosecco grape), cultivated in the hills around Treviso since the times of Ancient Rome. More precisely, the harvest zone is near Asolo, the city where the second Prosecco DOCG takes its name from.
Growing on the sunny steep slopes, the grapes are hand-picked when they are still not completely ripe and produce a bubbly sparkling quality. This is how the acidity is preserved in order to obtain a fresh and easy drinking wine.
The soft pressing maintains the freshness and the aromas.
The lees and the wort rest for 40 days refermenting in the pressurized tanks and giving the products their fine bubbles. The yeasts are selected in order to respect the grapes’ natural aromas and to not bring lactic or acetic taste. Last step, the wine is bottled under pressure to preserve the sparkling properties. Thanks to the balanced residual sugar, the wine is suitable for any pairing: perfect with fried vegetables and fish, a must have with risotto, raw shrimps and many different pasta dishes.

Then we have the Unfiltered Organic White, created from the grapes growing on the volcanic soil of Colli Euganei (Padua district), such as Glera (Prosecco), Garganega, Pinella and a little bit of White Muscat. Depending on the harvest and the grapes, the wort can ferment either with its own yeasts, or with selected neutral yeasts at low temperature, to preserve their fresh and floral aroma. It does not contain added sulphites. The whole process takes place in an oxygen-free environment, the tanks are filled with nitrogen, working with a reduced fermentation.
A pied de cuveé is added to the wine, in order to produce the second fermentation in the bottles. It follows a technique that allows us to produce a refreshing and gentle wine, free of the taste of dead yeasts or unwanted malolactic notes, which would just affect the grapes’ natural aroma.
There is no filtration, and the yeasts remain in the bottle once their work is done. This way, if you shake the bottle, you can appreciate a natural turbid wine or, as we call it, “Col Fondo”.

Unfiltered Organic Rosé, produced with Raboso Piave, Merlot and Syrah, has a very similar production, almost identical. Raboso Piave is another typical variety of the Treviso and Padua area, rich in acidity, late harvest and perfect to produce vivid sparkling wine. Just like the Prosecco and the Organic Unfiltered White, this wine is perfect for an aperitif with your friends or to enjoy by yourself, thanks to its low alcohol content. The best pairings are meat tartare, roast eel, main pasta dishes with gentle meat sauce or pork based dishes.

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