INT3GRAL3 WINE is a wine project born out of our vineyards located in the North of Italy — Asolo Hills near Treviso and in the Euganean Hills near Padua.

We started our work two generations ago, following an ethical and genuine approach.

We are a multi- disciplinary team composed of winegrowers, viticulturists and winemakers who respect the environment and value the quality of our product.

Our team is involved in the entire production chain.

Harvesting the mature grapes through the fermentation and aging process, up to bottling the finished product.

wine prosecco unfiltered integrale sparkling millesimato

Solid roots are formed that enable our vines to grow strong and produce top-quality fruit.

Our purpose is to create an original Organic product unique to the terrior of the region.


We created an easily recognizablelabel that illustrates our devotion to the vine, the soil and the roots.

The bottle was chosen to emphasize exclusivity and its harmonious forms.

The crown cap is easy to open and the wine is easy to share and approachable by any kind of consumer.