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Drink. Love. Joy.

We are young but we know what we want. We produce a good quality wine in a sustainable way. We respect our land, we respect life and the future generations. We will leave a better world after ourselves. We don’t stick to rules and we don’t perceive limits while producing our wines. We are convinced that wine should always be drinkable and pleasing for anyone, easy as a beer.
We started our wine project when no one was believing in us. We had nothing, no winery, no support. Just like a seedling, small but with a big desire to grow and expand. And here we are! We are breaking the rules, we make wine based on one fundamental ingredient: our enthusiasm. We make uncommon wines avoiding the rules, wines with soul and spirit, rebellious and individualistic. We wanted to stick out of the complexity of the contemporary wines, leaving you free to drink and have a good time. We relied on the magic of the yeast, bedazzled by the common love for pet-nat and created a wine drinkable as a beer. Drinkable and pleasing to anyone tasting it, without overthinking, just integral.


This is me. Big, crazy, and never stopping. I have been with the world of wine since I was 19. No one brought me to this world, I never drunk wine before that (ok maybe this is a lie), and I was extremely curious about it.
As a challenge I decided to jump into this world, without knowing at that time, that I opened for myself the amazing opportunity to travel around the world. Which I did for the last decade. I tasted thousands of wines, I studied with the best experts and winemakers, I visited hundreds of wineries. Integrale, isn’t just a part of what I do, it is the maximum expression of who I am. For me Integrale is not just a product, it is the opportunity to demonstrate that things can be fun, they can be unconventional, and you can create something amazing even starting from nothing. I wanted to dedicate Integrale to everyone who wants to believe in themselves, to everyone who works hard everyday to get more, and to those who see things in a different way.
This journey has been cool and fun until now and I am really looking forward to what comes next…

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I am Emanuele, a little smaller than Luca (thanks God), much crazier and a globetrotter.
I’ve been in the world of wine forever, as my family has always been in it.
I had the opportunity to have a big background in wine business, and at the same time to travel all around the world and visit many different vineyards and wineries.
When I was 20 I wanted to study and develop my knowledge into the mixology world. In 2017 when I met Luca, I decided to jump straightaway in the development of Integrale, to give my knowledge and my support on the growth of such particular wines.
Thanks to my background and my studies in mixology we are exploring all the time new ways of drinking Integrale. I’m the brand ambassador worldwide of Integrale, presenting it to clients and costumers all the time.
I’m Really looking forward to see you somewhere in the world and have a drink together!

We produced this product with the awareness that wine shouldn’t go according to standards, it shouldn’t be adapted to the taste of the critics of the moment, it should be a reflection of the nature and an expression of characteristics of the territory from which the grapes are coming.

Just like humans, a plant needs solid roots to survive and grow vigorously. The stronger and deeper the roots, the better the vines and their fruits will be. That’s why we believe that vines somehow take after the people who grow them.

We stated this in our logo. This is our Manifesto.

We want to be different, and we are different.

There are many ways to create wine. We respect them all. We just like the way we do it. Actually, the wine became in the last 50 years much more popular among young people, than what it used to be. At the same time we saw the incredible growth of the craft beers. We made something really simple. We put together the 2 things. We created tasty wine, but easy as a beer.
Very often, the wine is becoming an argument of discussion, making you feel, that you should be an expert to drink wine. We do not want this. We want you to simply enjoy a glass, with your friends, on a hot summer day, at the lake, at the seaside, on the terrace or anywhere you like to be, and have a good time.

Thoughtless. Enjoying. Happy.

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